Wilhand Arroway

"Nothing to lose"





Primary: Daring

Secondary: Loyalty, Patience

Tertiary: sympathy, peacefulness, autonomy


Primary: Thieving

Secondary: Tricky, Secrecy

Tertiary: brutality (against foes), zealous (using thievery skills)


Wilhand was born in the slums of Cormyr, a large metropolitan city, where his parents worked as unskilled laborers. Unfortunately, his mother and father died when Wilhand was barely 2 years old. Since then, he grew up in Ms. Westchester’s orphanage and while there, Wil took to drawing and tumbling in order to pass the time. He never had a difficult time making friends and he lived quite the exciting life in the orphanage. While the other children would put on airs so they could increase their chances of adoption, Wil would sneak out of the orphanage and run about the city. He would usually just explore but would sometimes take up odd jobs for a few coins here and there. At the age of thirteen, Wil was caught drawing graffiti on Lord Byron Stronstadt’s mansion walls and was instantly thrown in prison. However, the quality of the drawings caught the eye of a cartographer, who tracked down Wil and paid his steep 50 gold fine in exchange for him promising to help at the business. Wil took on an apprenticeship with Senex Archon the cartographer and soon found that he had a natural aptitude for the art of cartography. Wil had a relatively average life for the next five years or so but he continued to quench his thirst for adventure by exploring the city while honing his acrobatic skills. One night while he was running and darting between rooftops a shadowy figure began to chase him. Wil expertly navigated the streets and roofs but it always seemed the figure was two steps ahead of him but finally the figure eventually cornered him in an alleyway and Wil couldn’t escape. Wil threw the figure his purse and cried out that he didn’t want any trouble, but the encroaching figure simply kicked the bag aside and drew a long knife from his belt. Wil shakily drew his dagger and prepared to defend himself. The figure did no more than scratch his skin and seemed to be taunting him with every swing of his knife. Eventually he knocked Wil to the ground and mumbled “mediocre”. Wil looked up at the man but couldn’t speak. “We might be in touch. If you tell anyone anything about this we will kill you. Until then, take this.” He threw Wil a silver coin with an emblem on it. The emblem is of two crossed daggers with a banner underneath. The banner reads “Five Elements Combine as One.” on one side and “As One We Shall Conquer” on the other. As the figure turned to slip away into the night, the light from a nearby oil lamp cast a sliver of light over his face. He was a Drow. Wil spent the next few days looking nervously over his shoulder, waiting for someone to contact him. One night while walking home alone after closing up shop, someone began following him. Then another, and another. Wil turned to run but ran directly into a large man who picked him up by his shirt and chuckled “Looks like tonight’s your night, kid” and suddenly a sack was cinched around Wil’s head and he was carried for over 2 hours on foot and 5 days on horseback with no food, no breaks, and the only water he got was from them dumping water on the canvas bag. When they finally reached their destination, Wil was placed in a very luxurious chair and the bag was ripped from his head. Before him was a great hall and a very luxurious feast was laid out. A voice chimed in from behind him: “Welcome, Wilhand. Eat. We will tell you what is to come. If you chose to join us, you may stay as long as you would like. If not, you may leave with the understanding that if you talk about what has happened to you, you will be slain.” Wil began to stuff his face with food and drink. Cheese, exotic fruits, succulent meats, milk, wine, and honey. The woman who spoke, and several others filed into the room and also took a place at the table. They ate and drank with Wilhand and explained to him that they are a thieves guild called the Winter Blades. They explained the rules of the guild and that if he joined he would be well taken care of. Wilhand’s eyes widened as he listened to the stories they told; he was completely enthralled and was totally in his element. He gladly accepted and was anxious to start his training right away. He was told to enjoy himself, sleep in, and get the lay of the land tomorrow. Wil spent the day learning his way around the guild hall and the surrounding town. The next day Wil was woken up early and for the next 5 years he was put on a severely rigorous training program. Wilhand excelled at dagger fighting, acrobatics, and thievery. He also continued to hone his cartography skills and soon became a master level cartographer and a superior drawer/painter. By the age of 23 Wil had risen through the ranks of the guild so quickly that he became a candidate for induction into the Circle of Whispers. After a series of rigorous tests involving stealth, trickery, acrobatics, and thieving, he was accepted into of the Circle of Whispers. However, after only 2 years in his new position, he was framed for treason to the guild and was ordered to be executed. Someone had altered his maps for a heist and as a result many guild members were arrested or killed. Luckily, Wil made it out of the hall alive without having to kill anyone. He spent the next year and a half traveling on the run from from the guild. For about six months of this time, Wilhand lived in a monastery with some monks who took him in after Wil was badly wounded by a pack of wolves. After he recovered the monks helped him practice his skills and in showed him some new techniques in unarmed combat. In turn, Wil helped the monks make up some maps and helped them acquire the skills needed to complete this job themselves. He eventually made his way south and followed rumors that people were being kidnapped. He thought maybe he could rescue them and make enough money to move far and away. This quest led him to a tiny tavern in Mereak.

The Order of the Elemental Hand:

Each member of the Order is given an induction coin when they are to be considered for admission into the guild. This coin is to be kept on their person at all times for one year, but many keep it on their person for their whole life out of habit. If the coin is lost the pledge is expelled from the guild. If the coin is stolen by another guild member or master, the pledge is severely punished and faces possible expulsion from the guild. When a pledge reaches full membership he or she is issued a brass ring. As he or she advances in guild rank, they are called to join one of the five houses of the guild and their ring changes accordingly. The platinum ring is reserved for those who are inducted into the Circle of Whispers and made the leader of their house.

The Circle of Whispers:

Erithir Highwind (Blight)
- Elf, Male, ranger.
- Master archer, trapper, medic, and tracker.
- Heal, Nature, Perception
- Great Bow

Eliana Silversmith (Ember)
- Human, Female, wizard.
- Master of arcane knowledge, arifact identification, alchemy, and illusion.
- Arcana, History
- Staves

Kalth’ul Harkin (Mystic)
- Kalsihtar, male, telepath psion.
- Master interrogator, ritualist
- Arcana, Insight, History, Bluff
- Orbs

Tharin Darkdiver (Storm)
- Dwarf, male, weapon master.
- Master of arms and armor, master strategist.
- Athletics, Endurance, History
- Dual Craghammers

Wilhand Arroway (Frost)
- Human, male, dagger rogue.
-Master thief, acrobat, and cartographer.
- Stealth, Thievery, Acrobatics
- Dual Daggers

Guild Master:

Idina Fortuna
- Human, Female, rogue.
- Master con artist, duelist, and diplomat.
- Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate
- Rapier


Zaknarini’th Naulur
-Drow, male, rogue
- Crossbows, Short sword


Ember: Leader wears a platinum ring with a red gem that is always hot to the touch. The underlings wear a gold band.

Frost: Leader wears a platinum ring with a blue gem that is always cold to the touch. The underlings wear a silver band.

Storm: Leader wears a platinum ring with a smokey grey gem that is always electrified. The underlings wear a steel band.

Blight: Leader wears a platinum ring with a green gem that is highly poisonous to touch. The underlings wear a dark wooden band.

Mystic: Leader wears a platinum ring with a dark purple gem that can knock unconscious those who touch the hand of the wearer. The underlings wear band made of stone mined from the Underdark.


- Thieving
- Knife Fighting/Skills/Games
- Acrobatic/Athletic Feats
- Tinkering with Devices/Locks
- Cartography
- Sleight of Hand
- Drawing

Wilhand Arroway

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