Lord Trannyth

The Darkest armor you have even seen forged... The scar running down his face is merely a reminder of his rivals existence

  • Human
  • Male
  • Age:???
  • Chaotic Evil

All our PC’s know is that Lord Trannyth Serves Asmodeous, who has promised to make Trannyth an Arch Devil.

(following info was reviled when speaking to Samuel in MageLight)

Having been born under the large shadow of his father “Sir Maxamus”, Tyrillious was brought into the Church of Tyr at the age of 10 thanks to his fathers last wishes. Tyrillious was to be trained to be a great and noble Paladin of Tyr and to serve the intentions of the triad. The church knew he would be a strong paladin thanks to his bloodline, and they were right. At the age of 17, Tyrillious was brought into the order of The Knights of Holy Judgement. This was a huge honor but Tyrillious wanted more, Tyrillious wanted to be the elite of the the church, Tyrillious wanted to be part of ‘The Hammers of Grimjaw’. Tyrillious learned of a small cult of Asmodeus brewing at a near by village, He told his closest friend in his unit “Paladin Judge” that he would be promoted if he destroyed the cult. “I will not let you go alone” said his friend.

After successfully infiltrating the cult by means any paladin would not be proud of, the two friends managed to weaken the cult by killing key members of the cult and passing important information back to the church. For 2 years the two managed to weaken the cult. Tyrillious Begun studying the books given to him by the cult master. He began agreeing with the cult master and getting more involved with cult missions then his cover needed. Judge began to worry about his comrade and sent letters back to the church explaining the situation. They were ordered back to the church for their final reports. They informed the church heads that the cult was weak enough to be wiped out. “Good my sons, the church has ordered The Hammers of Grimjaw to wipe out the cult in 3 days time” said the church elder. The two friends looked at each other with victorious smiles on their face. “After Careful consideration” said the church elder “we would like Paladin Judge to join the Hammers of Grimjaw for the final blow to the cult”. “Why not me!” Tyrillious snapped. “The reports Paladin Judge have sent us speak of you doing unjust things” spoke the elder. “You must ask for forgiveness if you wish to remain a servant of this church” said Paladin Judge as he excused himself. “You are to be stripped of your rank and you must beg for forgiveness, Seize him” shouted the elder, as other Paladins placed shackles on Tyrillious, he remained silent and in shock.

Locked away for 2 nights Tyrillious only thought of being betrayed by the church and by his so called friend. As he slipped into sleep he was approached in his dreams by a large well groomed man. “Your lust for power will never be quenched by the fools of your faith.” said the man. “Join my cause Tyrillious and not only will you have the power you always dreamed of, which will surpass the legend of your father. but you will have vengeance on all those who have sullied your name in shame. Join me and become my champion!” Tyrillious was awakened by a guard who was shaking him. “snap out of it” yelled the man. As he woke up, Tyrillious snapped into a fit of rage Yelling “The blood of our enemies will stain the oceans!” as he plunged his thumbs deep into the guards eyes and smashed his head into the wall until the man stopped moving. “I seek true power” shouted Tyrillious as he escaped into the night.

Tyrillious rode into the night Shouting when he made it to the cult’s camp, “Wake up you weak fools!”. He explained to them that Asmodeus has spoken to him in this dreams and that the Church of Tyr is plotting an attack. “If this is true, you re the champion that the dark lord spoke of” spoke one of the aspects of Asmodeus. “I will Lead the counter attack” shouted Tyrillious. Tyrillious enlisted the aid of a nearby villages militia.

Early that morning The Hammers of Grimjaw marched into the canyon just before the camp of the Asmodeus cult. Just as the Hammers hit the middle of the canyon, they were surprised by archers mounted at the tops of the canyon raining death opon them. As the Hammers scattered, a stamped of bulls were led into the tight canyon as large barbed nets were stretched across the the end the Hammers entered from. When the stamped made its way through the canyon, the cult warriors entered from the West of the valley as the village militia flanked and entered from the East. Out of the 75 Hammers of Grimjaw sent out, 6 managed to retreat back to the church.

Two months later on the 13th of Marpenoth (a holy day shared with worshipers of Torm) Tyrillious had his men infiltrate the festival posing as servants. Tyrillious made his way into the festival getting the attention of the Elders by displaying his new acquired powers. “I challenge each of you right here, right now” He shouted. Paladin Judge accepted the challenge. As the two clashed the cult members posed as servants placed explosives all over the church. As the two fought in the main hall, explosions went off all around the church signaling to the forces placed around the church to open catapult fire. The assault from the catapults in combination with the internal explosions caused the church to collapse into itself.

“Damn you Tyrillious, how could you?” shouted the Paladin. “Samuel, Samuel, Samuel… My power exceeds those of even the elders at this point. Soon I will be even stronger, and all i have to do is help Asmodeous create a hell on earth..” “Damn you, you shall burn!” shouted Samuel as he swung his sword across the face of Tyrillious. “HA HA HA HA HA, I tend to… you fool!” laughed Tyrillious as blood dripped from his face. He then teleported as the church came down around the paladin Samuel Judge

Lord Trannyth

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