Eluna Sunsorrow "Head instructor"

As strong as she is beautiful


Born in a forest of Nurathsis, Eluna showed signs of having great abilities at a young age. Having a peace treaty with the kingdom the people of Eluna’s tribe decided to ask the king of Nurathisis if he would allow Eluna to study at the mage collage. Naturally, he agreed

Eluna studied at the collage for 80 years before becoming an instructor at at collage. She taught mostly defensive spells however she is profishent and very skilled in most types of magic. This Knowledge came in use when reports of undead begun to pop up from around the country. She was deployed to the NW to help defend her peoples village. The undead seemed to have greater numbers on that side of the country. Wave after of undead attacked and Eluna was forced to evacuate back to Magelight.

With the number of undead rising, Eluna tries her best to train the forces of Magelight in the art of magic before the city becomes overrun.

Eluna Sunsorrow "Head instructor"

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