Samuel Judge

The stronger he grows, the more and more he resembles the god he worships .

  • Human
  • Male
  • Starting Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Current Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Age: 37

After the 5 years
The once clean shaved 170lbs man has changed. He now brandishes a mighty beard and a 265lbs muscular build.


Always putting others needs before his own, Samuel was recruted by the church of Tyr when he was 15. one of the elders witnessed Samuel stand up to a group of men harrassing a young begger girl. Samuel never raised his hand to the men even once. He attempted to talk to the men, then he gave them all the silver he had. When that failed he took beating he never forgot. The elder chased the men away and brought Samuel back to the temple where he had servants tend to Samuels wounds. The elder knew that he found something special when Samuel denied the aid of the church. “Why would you waste your time helping me when there are others in this very town that need it more?” The elder took Samuel back to his home in the copper district and spoke to his parents about letting Samuel serve the church. When his parents agreed, Samuel was finally able to make a difference in other peoples lives.

He trained for 2 years under great paladins of Tyr. Once a week he would go to see the beggar girl and donate money to her. “No more will I sit back and allow the weak be harmed.”

As his skills grew so did his friendships with many of his fellow paladins. When his closest friend, Tyrillious, came to him and told him of a mission that would raise their status with the church. Samuel agreed to the mission, as long as no innocent people would be harmed. Samuel and his partner infultrated the enemy cult and weakened them from the inside. Their cover was almost blown when the young beggar girl noticed Samuel while he was under cover. Samuel was ordered to kill the girl by one of the cult members. Unable to do so, Samuel was beaten. “Do not harm my misguided friend!” yelled Samuels partner. “Do not blame him for not wanting to kill his slave of pleasure.” He laughed as he walked up to the young girl displaying her to the laughing cult members. “If you want her gone….FINE!” He laughed as he pulled a danger and plunged it into her gut. Samuel was in shock and stood still as the beggar girl fell to the ground lifeless. “We must complete our mission, by any means necessary” whispered Tyrillious as he handed the bloody dagger to Samuel.

When time came to report back to the Church, Samuel sent a raven ahead, explaining the crimes that Tyrillious had committed. When they returned, Tyrillious was arrested and Samuel was promoted to the Hammers of grim Jaw and was tasked with elimanating the cult.
As Samuel marched with the other Hammers They were ambushed by the cult. Barely escaping with his life, Samuel and a handful of men managed to retreat back to the church.

Two months later on the 13th of Marpenoth (a holy day shared with worshipers of Torm) Samuel was going over some scouting reports with some of the higher ups of the church during the festival. He was interrupted by loud clapping. “Good job Judge, you know exactly where my cult is. what a good little dog you are” said Tyrillious as he walked into the main hall. Samuel attacked Tyrillious but was quickly over powered. Tyrillious engaged Samuel and the elders at the same time. The elders fell one by one. “I’ll take all of you” laughed Tyrillious. Samuel never gave up even tho he was clearly outmatched by his former partner. Suddenly explosions went off all around the church as artillery posted outside opened fire on the church.“Damn you Tyrillious, how could you?” shouted Samuel. “Samuel, Samuel, Samuel… My power exceeds those of even the elders at this point. Soon I will be even stronger, and all i have to do is help Asmodeous create a hell on earth”. “Damn you, you shall burn!” shouted Samuel as he swung his sword across the face of Tyrillious. “HA HA HA HA HA, I tend to… you fool!” laughed Tyrillious as blood dripped from his face. He then teleported as the church came down around the paladin Samuel Judge.

Samuel survived the encounter and devoted his life to putting an end to the Asmodeous plot and killing his former brother in arms.

Samuel Judge

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