Jarl Ivan Draco

There is no stronger will in a man around

  • Male
  • Human
  • Age: 54
  • Alignment: Unaligned

Being a sell sword all his life, Ivan learned amazing sword techniques that made him a name everyone wanted to hire. He took a job in Magevail when he was 26. The job was to simply escort the goods from Magevail to Magelight, then return to Magevail with the payment. On the return trip, Ivan and his men were ambushed by bandits. He and his men were badly hurt but refused to handover the payment. “Till victory, or DEATH!” Shouted Ivan as he and his 4 men fought off 30 bandits. When Ivan and only 2 of his men returned to Magevail with the payment, The Jarl of magevail made sure the men were taken care of.

The Jarl eventually talked Ivan to take up permanent residence in Mageveil and permanently escort the goods to Magelight. Years went by and the mighty sell sword decided to hire men to do the escort mission under his command. He then eventually trained the village guards. It was around this time that Ivan had decided to settle down with the Jarls daughter. They had a baby boy then 15 years later they had a beautiful baby girl. Lady Draco died durning child birth.

2 years later, The fate of Nurathsis hung in the balance. One by one the villages and cities fell to the armies of Asmodeous. Many attacks were made on the village. Ivan commanded troops to repel every attack but the Jarl was killed during one of these attacks. Ivan stepped up to the task of becoming the Villages new Jarl and lead the troops at the same time. A mist all the chaos, The new jarls Daughter was “kidnaped” and Ivan sent many men to their deaths in order to find her. She never turned up.

Stricken by great grief, Jarl Ivan began to mentally shut down. Some time went by and Ivans Son was then Kidnapped. Our heroes went after the boy and recovered him from the kidnappers. They also found what had taken his daughter. A beast known as the “slim fellow”.
when The heroes returned, Ivan thanked them and asked them to stay for the festival that would be held in the honor of the missing children. Being Drunk and full of grief, the jarl entered the Joust under a fake name on the last day of the Festival. Riding like a mad man, the jarl ended up Knocking 2 men off their horses. In the finals, The jarl rode against the hardest opponent of his life, A halfling named jack proved to be a hard target to hit. As Ivan put all his mint into his final blow, Jack used his momentum against him and broke his lance on the face of Ivan, throwing him from his horse and rendering him unconscious.

That blow must have knocked the grief from Ivan because he “never felt more alive in his life” He thanked the heroes and sent them on their way to Magelight. Days later, Magevail was attacked by a massive army greater than any that attacked in the past. He ordered the village people to flee from the back gate while the troops of Magevail held the attacking army at bay. When the villagers evacuated the jarl began burning the village and ordered his men to flee in the cover of the smoke so that they could live to fight another day. With most of his men killed in battle, The jarl ordered 200 of his men to regroup and protect the fleeing villagers. He than took the remainder of his troops and followed the attacking army to Magelight. Tho he and his men met their untimely end at the gates of Magelight, The jarl died knowing that he had helped the heroes that had once helped him in his time of need. “To Victory, or Death” was Jarl Ivan Draco’s last words.

Jarl Ivan Draco

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