Deegan Kane

  • Human
  • Male
  • Age:26
  • Evil

After loosing their parents at the age of 8, Deegan and his twin brother Deecan had a hard childhood. Having to resort to stealing food from local shops or picking the pockets of everyday towns folk to survive. By the age of 10 the two boys were becoming more and more daring, going from stealing only what they needed too taking cart loads of food and wine .

One afternoon the two boys were making their grand escape after robing the local mead market in the City of Ki-teem when a city guard foiled their plans by shooting and knocking Deecan off the horse drawn carriage. Deegan knew that his brother was in horrific shape and that he would die if he did not get medical help. Fearing that they would both be locked away if they went to a temple, Deegan took his brother to the illegal trade part of the city in search for black-market medical supplies. A shady gent seen the two young boys covered in blood and offered to take a look at young Deecans wounds. a deal was struck between the shady gent and young Deegan, “Your brother will not go free until you pay off his debt of 100,000 Gp”.

Deegan set off and pulled together a group of the city’s outcasts in hopes of seeing his brother again. 5 years past and Deegan along with his misfits managed to obtain the gold needed to free his brother. The brothers were reunited after 5 long years and they decided to go to the Thirsty camel inn to celebrate. While they drank mead and laughed, they noticed a familiar man glaring at them from across the bar. Paying no mind to the man, Deegan excused himself and headed to the restroom. While using the urinal troff Deegan was grabbed from behind and slammed onto the ground. “Your the street rats who robed my favorite mead shop” the man yelled as he looked deep into Deegans eyes. Deecan, noticing the man followed his brother into the rest room, charged into the restroom with a bar stool and smashed it over the back of the man. Splinters of the wooden stool lay upon the floor as the brothers beat the man into a bloody mess. Deegan walked over and drew the mans sword from his scabbard and tossed it to his brother. After watching the life drain from the mans eyes, The brothers realized they could take whatever they want whenever they wanted it. Deegan called forth the group that had helped him with his brothers debt and they banded together under the symbol of the short sword used to slay their first enemy. The Blades were born.

Leading to the campaign

The brothers found themselves living comfortably but naturally they wanted more. They wound up holding the caravans heading to Mereak hostage until the Jarl paid them. This forced the Jarl of Mereak to get the Jarl of Ki-teem involved in controlling the gang. Having been put on Ki-teems bounty boards, the blades needed to disappear for awhile. While on their little vacation in [Port Vollis] one of the gang lieutenants tried to pick the pocket of a man in dark plate armor. When cries for help filled the night the brothers recognized the lieutenants voice and ran to see the commotion. When they arrived, the man in dark plate armor holding was the pick pockets arm that he just cut off. One by one members of the blades would attack the man, and one by one they fell . Deegan drew his sword but his brother walked in his way. “We are most sorry for our mens behavior, please take this 100gp as a token of our apology” spoke Deecan. “What are you doing?” whispered Deegan. “This man will kill every one of us” answered Deecan. The man in dark armor sheathed his sword and approached Deecan. “I see your the smart one in this little gang.” said the man. “I’ve notice your little gang has been stirring up trouble in Ki-teem” He grabbed the pouch of gold from Deecans hand, shook it a bit, and tossed it back to him. “How would you like to make thousands more of this?” asked the man. “We are listening” replied the brothers. “Just Get more slaves into the slave auction, You will be paid for turning in slaves from the auction, and in return I shall grant your gang privileges when I place one of my men into the Jarls seat in Ki-teem.” “What’s the catch?” asked Deegan. “The catch is simple, I command, you obey” laughed the man. Deegan did not agree with this. “We are The Blades! not pawns to the likes of you!” he shouted as he reached for his blade. By the time Deegans hand gripped the handle the man teleported right next to Deegan, Turning the very ground they stood on into ice as he reappeared. Deegan felt a sharp pain, as he looked down he seen the blade of the mans bastard sword sticking from his chest. In one mighty motion, the man ripped Deegans icy feet from the ground and tossed his body in front of his brother. The last thing Deegan remembers is his brother saying “you got a deal” Deegan awoke in a dark chapel. “shit he did it” said Deecan walking to greet his brother. “Welcome back to the land of the living” Said the man in the dark armor. “What’s going on?” asked Deegan. “He had the Jarl of Ki-teem assassinated, now one of his men is the new Jarl as he calls the shots. The Blades are the City’s guards, and he resurrected you. This guy is the ticket to the big money.” explained Deecan.

While running a raid on a small village, Deegans scouts noticed another gang approaching the village. A gang of Tieflings led by a “Lady Crimson” of The Crimson Horns arrived only to see that they were out numbered. Deegan, being attracted to the exotic Lady Crimson invited her to share in the spoils and after getting to know each other that night offered to introduce Lady Crimson to his “source of income” they decided to merge the two gangs and own the whole slave trade business. Enter The Crimson Blades

Deegan Kane

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