The Asmodeus Plot

Welcome to Mereak!

Our Hero’s fine themselves in Mereak during the opening of the Festival of life. Some follow rumors of mysterious disappearances, other make way hoping to take part in the festival. One by one they funnel into the crowded tavern and and sit with one another. The merry making was cut short by the sounds of screams. Our hero’s rush into action along with guild master Tavis, following the screams to an alley where some low life bandits were abducting a half elf boy and his older sister.
Unable to stop the abduction, Our hero’s managed to get some info from Jarl Oswald and the bandit in prison. Both men point our adventurers to the city of KI-teem, a city plagued with crime and corruption.
Our hero’s managed to gain the aid of the father of the two victims, who supplied them with a map of the trade route. However, Shortly after receiving the map, our hero’s forced to had it over to the Goliath known as Grudge.
Shortly after then, our hero’s made off for their two day journey through the grass lands. Our hero’s then came upon the entrance of The Untamed Forest, where they found the cart used to abduct the two victims


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