The Asmodeus Plot

The Untamed Forest

Our hero’s entered the forest. Quickly spotting gnoll tracks, our hero’s managed to use the knowledge they gained from the short time they had with the map in combination with the gnoll tracks to find the hidden cave short cut to shave off 3 days from there trip. Our hero’s cautiously moved through the cave system avoiding all gnoll patrols and exited the caves with no incident. Marcus managed to find a ring that must have belonged to a merchant along with some bank scripts worth 5,000 Gp.
After exiting the the caves and moving through the remainder of the forest, the terrain began to change from thick forest back to grasslands then finally to harsh desert. While entering the cavern, Our hero’s stumbled upon a trade caravan rest stop. After a short rest, our hero’s noticed a shady person following them. during a distraction our hero’s managed to lose the shady figure. Who later met up with the group in Ki-teem.


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